Pink Pleasures

Hey lovelies !

Pink colour is one of the trending colours this season ! And yes for both – male up & cloths. You can get as crazy as you want with your pink shades and you will perfectly fit with the rest of the trending shades.  Here you can see my favourite pinks and I’ll explain a bit more about them.

1. Clarins – blush

I have this blush for about three years now and it seems that he is endless! It is absolutely amazing and I love that you can control its intensity. It also stays very well !

2. Kiko – Lip gloss

A long while ago I fell for a Kiko lip glosses. They come for a very comfortable price and they have many beautiful colours. It doesn’t stay on as long as Chanel lipstick but O think that it is great for everyday use.

3. Body Shop – Hand cream

I have been using hand creams by Body shop for a very long time and I absolutely love them ! At the moment this one is my favourite. It is pink grapefruit line and it has an absolutely incredible smell keeping my hands safe from cold weather and also keeping them incredibly soft.

4. Chanel Chance – Perfume

This beautiful pink coloured bottle contains a very pleasant smell. Chanel Chance is one of my MUST HAVE perfumes because it is soft and not too overwhelming. It is perfect for day time.

5. Loreal – Eye shadows

So I wanted to get an eye shadows palette with a lot of pink coloured shades. I didn’t think of it too much and quickly grabbed Loreal eye shadows. I have to say I am not very happy about this buy because this product does not blend too well and also does not stay longer than 1-1,5 hour. I am definitely going to search for a better option !

P.S. if you have any good ideas for a long lasting pink & glittery eyeshadows, please comment below

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