Red with L’oreal

I always loved juicy looking lips with a beautiful and warm shade of red. My problem always was the fact that red lipstick goes off very quickly and leaves its marks everywhere which annoys me so much. To be honest I have tried many red lipsticks and lets say my Christian Dior one looks lovely on lips and does no dry them at all but I have to correct it after each sip of wine or after every bite of food which is not ideal for me. Recently I gave a go to a L’oreal Infailible Lip Bar. I have to say I did not expect it to be amazing or anything because I am not a fan of L’oreal lipsticks however I was pleasantly surprised. This lipstick actually does stay on your lips for as long as you want and it does not leave any marks at all. Sadly it does dry your lips a bit and it is hard to remove it so I do not wear it every day however when I have a night out and I want my lips to stay in immaculate condition while showing off a juicy red than I am going to use this one for sure. I am sure there might be a lot of other great options for red lips and I’ll be happy if you’ll share your favourite ones with me.

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