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Hey lovelies

Happy Saturday to you all ! I hope you are having fun and enjoying your day. Today I would like to share with you my new pair of shoes. I haven’t mentioned before but I am a reall shoe addict. If I had a chance I would buy a new pair of shoes every day. I know ita crazy but I believe that shoes is one of the most important detail of every outfit. Anyway , let get to the point. Few days ago I went to Zara to look for a pair of white trousers and on the way I moticed a beautiful pair of low block heel shoes.

This is my first pair of shoes that has a plastic bit on them. I wasn’t 100% sure when I tried them on because I thought the plastic might couse problems. However, yesterday I have spend all day running around in a pair of theese beauties and I was absolutely fine. Yes , they were a bit tight to start with but within couple of hours they sort of stretched. I really love the unusual heel that they have and I think they are very easy to style. Yesyerday in the afternoon I styled them up with a pair of trousers & sweater.

Have a lovely weekend my dear reader! If you want to see more styling photos you can follow me on instagram. If you have any comments please share them below.

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