Stripy Skirt

The other day I have browsed through my old pieces of clothing and I bumped into my old knee length stripy skirt. I have realiaed that it has been a while since I last wore it and it is time to get the stripes going. Honestly, I love looking at my old pieces and finding some gems ! This is why I always say : look after your clothes and always save the ones you love. Things always come back to fashion or wven if they don’t you can always create your own ! This is what I love to do. Stripes are not that popular anymore , but who cares ? I love my stripy skirt and I don’t care if it is not in the peak of fashion. I don’t want to look like everyone so therefore I love to pull out things that are not so popular in day to day outfits trend.

I have stiled this stripy skirt with a black top , elegant black blazer & a pair of red high heels.

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