New in June

This month I have bought few new items and added them to my make up bag. Normally half of the beauty things I buy are not all my favourite ones but this time I hit a jackpot ! Every and each of these are absolutely amazing.



You can actually see that in couple of days I have used a lot of this pallet ! The colours are absolutely beautiful and you get some matte ones and few shimmery ones. It blends really easily and stays on for a very long time. The 2 main downsides are that it is quite price and also a lot of product falls off the brush so you do waste a bit of product. However it is definitely my favourite eyeshadow pallet in 2019 and you can make a lot of beautiful looks out of it.



When I was looking for a best foundation of 2019 , Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation came across quite few times so I have decided to give it a go. It is very lightweight and water-based. It looks very natural on the skin and it is perfect if you want a super light coverage. However it is very easy buildable and can get you up to a medium coverage. It also has 15 SPF so it will keep you protected from sun. I love the texture and the finish of it but I think that it is too expensive if you are going to use it as your medium coverage as you will have to use a lot of product. For those that are seeking light natural look is a perfect choice.

MAYBELLINE FIT ME foundation – Luminous + Smooth ( Normal to dry skin )


I honestly can’t get over the fact how amazing is this foundation! It is mega cheap , it applies a beautiful medium coverage and it stays on really well. It is mega easy to apply it with a beauty blender or even with your fingertips ! Another amazing thing is that they have a lot of beautiful colours and shades to choose from. Honestly I have never thought that I will get so excited about this product. Its consistency and finish is very similar yo one of the Armani foundations. But it is so much more affordable for an every day use ! They also have the same formula foundation in matte finish.

Loreal Ultra Matte LES CHOCOLATS Liquid Lipstick


Hello my favourite every day lipstick from now on ! I have tried so many different ones in brown and nude shades but I could not find a good one for myself ! But Loreal really surprised me with this product. It smells like a chocolate , it has a very comfortable brush for application , you can build up from light to dark colour , it stays on forever and it does not leave marks when you kiss your boyfriend! Can it get better than that ? I don’t think so ! Love love love it

Loreal Paradise Extatic Mascara


I am 100% a Chanel mascara person and I always use my favourite one that is checked and tested and loved by me however I wanted to find another mascara just as an addition. Influenced by reviews I decided to get a Loreal Paradise one and I am pretty pleased. It is not the same result as I get from Chanel but it is also a very good one. For me the downsides are that it leaves a bit of marks and it does not thicken up the lashes. However it adds a beautiful length to it. Also it is tricky with mascara because once you open it the texture is too liquid for my liking so I’ll have to use it for another 2 weeks to understand the reality of it.

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