About Me

Hey lovelies,

My name is Rita and I am very excited that finally I have managed to set up my blog ! In here I’d love to tell you a bit more about myself and to be honest I have no idea from where to start so I’ll just shoot it out… I was born in the capital of Lithuania-Vilnius and I grew up in this beautiful city. At the age of 20 I’v decided to move away to England to study dance and I thought that I’ll spend there the rest of my life but no ! Before a year I have moved to Israel and now I am trying to create everything here. It is not easy to start everything from beginning but I believe that everything in our life happens for a good reason. Sooo… I live in Israel but I am still studying Master’s degree in England which means that this part of my life is not the easiest but it is adventures !

In the past I have studied a BTEC International Diploma in performing arts – dance for two years and than from there I have moved to University to complete a BA (Hons) in Dance. Therefore I have decided to take another qualification at university which allowed me to teach and after a year I have started my Master’s degree.

At the moment I am a master’s degree student at the university of Wolverhampton and my master’s is in subject DANCE. I’v done most of it and at the moment I am working on my dissertation which is both practice and written work. I have to say that dissertation is the most enjoyable subject as well as the most stressful one ! I have to keep up with all the deadlines and do billion hours of reading and etc but I really hope that I will manage to be on time with it and get the best out of it !

Couple of months ago I have finished an intense Hebrew language school and it was one of the biggest achievements of the year ! Seriously, hebrew is not the simplest language, especially when it comes to writing and reading, but Walla ! Here I am , after 6 months I am not only just talking in this language but also teaching dance in hebrew !!! I sort of think that its a great achievement and it makes me proud of myself.

After my master’s degree I would like to take another professional course here in Israel and I would love to study something to do with events and fashion. I really hope that I will find the right course and go forward in order to gain new experience and knowledge.

I have always loved making interesting pictures, sharing my ideas and writing things that sit deep down in my head. For a long time I wanted to start up my blog but unfortunately while I have lived in England I didnt have a chance even to dream about it because I was in a full time education and nearly in 2 full time jobs…Dont ask me how it can be possible because even today I dont know how I managed to do it. However today my life has changed and I have an opportunity to create this blog place as life is a lot more generous to me with time. I am a beginner in the blogging sphere but I hope that I will not let myself down or any of you guys. I really hope that my posts will reach every and each of you and together we will be able to share and inspire each other.