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Weekend in Eilat

Hey lovelies, I was off writing for a little while because I did not know whether I want to write my posts in my mother language (lithuanian) or in english. However I decided that writing in english will be a better option as it will be much more inclusive. Anyway , lets not get too much in to that and head on towards my post. Last week my partner had some free time as down here in Israel we were…

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Youtube channel

Labas ! Kaip Jums sekasi ? Ar pas Jus vyksta kas nors naujo ir įdomaus? Jeigu turite kuo pasidalinti, rašykite…


Granola Ball

Hey lovely reader, Recently I have noticed that I have been eating very unhealthy and I decided to jump back…


2018 in pictures

JANUARY New Years Eve celebration Reunion with my gorgeous nephew Drinks in Shard London FEBRUARY-MARCH Some shots from the menu…


Christmas in Israel

Hey, This is my second Christmas in Israel and to be honest it is not getting any easier or better…


Randoms of the week

  Monday- beautiful walk in old city of Tel Aviv- Jaffo Tuesday- finally found time to organise my reading basket…


The Old Man & The Sea

The Old Man & The Sea is one of the must visit places in Tel Aviv-Jaffo. This place specialises in their amazing…


Cocktail O’clock

Hey Lovelies , We are getting closer to Christmas and New Years eve celebration and I think that many of…