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Romantic look

Hey lovelies , Recently I went out to hunt for a few summery dresses and once I noticed this beautiful long off shoulders dress I couldn’t walk pass it. This kind of dress brings a sense of elegance and romance to the outfit. It is a very good quality and thanks God once you pull the shoulders down they don’t lift up and don’t move from the place. The material of this dress is medium thick and therefore dress falls…

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Neon jumper

Sveiki visi ! Šiandieną nusprendžiau parašyti pirmą postą savo gimtąja kalba ! Jau mažiausiai devynerius metus nerašiau lietuviškai tad atleiskite…


White outfit

Hey beautiful , Have you decided on your favourite colour pallet for the Spring / summer season yet ? I…


Stripy Skirt

The other day I have browsed through my old pieces of clothing and I bumped into my old knee length…


High waisted shorts

Hey lovelies, Today I would like to talk about my favourite piece of clothing- high waisted shorts. Honestly I think…


Neon in

Hey lovely Have you started preparing for a new season yet ? If not than I suggest you to do…